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Discover A Quick And Easy Way To Write Calligraphy With Extreme CONFIDENCE in 30 Days Or Less, Even If You’re A Complete Beginner!

From Henry Wong

Dear Soon-To-Be-Calligrapher,

If you have been looking for a way to express yourself through beautiful calligraphy, or if you have always wanted to create stunning calligraphy masterpieces of your favourite quote or poem, then this could be the most important page that you've read all year!

You see, I too, wanted to write calligraphy just for the same reasons. 

I wanted to express myself freely and artistically. I wanted to recreate my favourite poems in calligraphy, and I wanted to pen my favourite inspirational quotes down gracefully. I was dying to learn this satisfying personal skill.

Henry Wong - Chief Calligraphy Tutor, Your Calligraphy Tutor Inc.

Henry Wong
Chief Calligraphy Tutor
Founder, Your Calligraphy Tutor®

I Never Thought I Could Learn Calligraphy, Until...

My name is Henry and I am the Founder and Chief Calligraphy Tutor here at Your Calligraphy Tutor®. I teach people around the globe how to create stunning calligraphy masterpieces, in a quick and easy way.

I was just like you, all I wanted was to write beautiful calligraphy, anytime, anywhere and for any occasion!

Unfortunately, because I have always had bad handwriting and never had any talent for art, I believed that I would never ever be able to do calligraphy at all.

Well, but I still tried it anyway. With my newly-bought calligraphy set, I wrote a few words, expecting them to look decent. But you probably guessed it right...

They were hideous.

I was totally bummed. It was not the elegant, impressive calligraphy that I was expecting.

But Being “Someone With Bad Handwriting And No Artistic Talent” Wasn’t Going To Stop ME!

I was disappointed, but determined to write calligraphy and create stunning calligraphy pieces I've always dreamed of.

I religiously followed every YouTube video, tried every method I could possibly find on the internet, spent countless hours poring through all the books that would show me how to write those calligraphy alphabets I've been trying to learn...

I listened to every calligraphy “expert” who would offer free advice...

Fast Forward 63 Days... NOTHING.

My 'calligraphy' still looked nothing like calligraphy, and I felt utterly defeated. 

I just couldn't believe that I still couldn't write calligraphy after learning and practicing so much. Well, there was that tiny improvement, but it was far from where I knew I should be.
Few experiences are as devastating as when we give our all, when we try so damn hard but just can’t get it right. I was incredibly disappointed and extremely frustrated because no matter how I tried, nothing seemed to work.

And I didn’t even know why!

I Was Ready To Give Up On My Dream To Learn Calligraphy...

I was starting believe that I was just a guy with bad handwriting and no artistic talent, destined to never learn calligraphy.

I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

It was then that I chanced upon a set of calligraphy instructions written by long-time calligrapher Jim Bennett, that totally changed my view of writing calligraphy. It talked about the importance of strictly following a proven step-by-step calligraphy learning system. It also talked about:
  • Why everyone can definitely learn calligraphy and
  • How YOU too, can write calligraphy in a quick and easy way

That was it...

I Had Been Barking Up The Wrong Tree!

I had spent so much time, effort and money searching for the best way to learn calligraphy, when all that I needed could be found in a single proven and complete step-by-step calligraphy system...

Results Of My Discovery

Within 60 days of this calligraphy revelation, I had personally...
  • Researched and studied all of the material I could find on writing calligraphy
  • Interviewed and questioned calligraphy experts, long-time calligraphers, and experienced calligraphy enthusiasts.
  • Spent 200 hours on trials and errors to see which methods work and which don't
  • Formulated a complete step-by-step calligraphy learning system that will accelerate your progress and get you writing calligraphy in no time at all
  • And recruited numerous friends to start testing this system.
Saying that it solved my problem would be a total understatement...

Here's proof of my progress, testing out this system:

By Day 7,
I Was Already Forming Beautiful Letters

By Day 7, I was already forming beautiful letters.

I was grasping letterforms very well and progress was very smooth.

I was moving on to already forming words... JUST 1 WEEK!

By Day 14,
I Was Writing Complete Sentences

By Day 14, I was writing calligraphy words and sentences!

Here's 3 lines from my favorite Robert Frost poem that I wrote. It is not perfect (spacing could be better and letter sizes could be more consistent) but I was getting close.

It was getting exciting!

And By Day 25,
I Was Writing Stunning Calligraphy!

By Day 25, I was writing anything I wanted to - in beautiful calligraphy!

I was creating my personal calligraphy masterpieces, I was framing them up and giving them as gifts to friends.

My confidence skyrocketed and I even developed my own calligraphy style!


And guess what?

I was making leaps and bounds even though I was spending significantly less time practicing and learning!

Looking back, it all made perfect sense.

I realized why I was making pathetic progress even when I was investing massive amounts of time and energy.

I realized why all those calligraphy “techniques” and “methods” from books, videos etc. led me to nowhere at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they were worthless. In fact they are extremely valuable.

The reason why nothing worked was because of one simple reason:

All I Needed Was Just A Complete Step-by-Step System To Follow

Previously, I was just jumping aimlessly from tip to tip, technique to technique without knowing what I should be really learning at that point in time. It's no wonder I saw no improvement at all.

On the other hand, following a step-by-step course accelerated my progress at breakneck speed because it guided me through the essential basics before moving on to more advanced techniques and methods.

Basically, the step-by-step system taught me how to walk before teaching me how to run.

I was so excited about my new-found ability, I started posting photos of my calligraphy pieces on my social media accounts.

Impressed friends began to ask how I was able to write such beautiful calligraphy - and I taught them my calligraphy system. Those who were taught this system were absolutely ecstatic with the quick results they were getting!

But there was still one problem...

I Couldn't Personally Teach Everyone How To Write Calligraphy All The Time...

Although I really enjoyed seeing my friends writing calligraphy successfully after I had taught them, teaching 1-to-1 just took up too much time and effort. I just couldn't teach everyone who wanted to learn with the limited time that I had!

That is when I decided to compile ALL of my new-found knowledge into a simple step-by-step video tutorial series, which anyone could use to create calligraphy masterpieces confidently while saving hundreds of hours and dollars on things that won't help and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Now anyone, even beginners with absolutely zero background, can write calligraphy without feeling frustrated, or unnecessarily wasting time, money and effort!

Your Calligraphy Tutor's 
, Step-By-Step
Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™

Today, you can gain access to the very same methods and techniques that have helped me (and my students) write calligraphy and create calligraphy masterpieces in record time.

I’ve power-packed 5 modules (lessons) worth of video tutorials with the exact steps you need to take be able to write beautiful calligraphy all on your own!

Not a single second is wasted on information that won’t benefit you. Just solid, reliable and actionable steps that you can use instantly.

And when you claim your copy today, it is...

Guaranteed that upon completion of the course, you will be able to write calligraphy in 30 days.. Or less!

But here's a little warning...

The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ is not just for anyone...

If what you are looking for is:
  • A magical quick-fix 'course' that will enable you to write calligraphy overnight
  • Hours and hours of boring tutorial videos that make you lose attention
  • A course that teaches only the 'fun' parts and skips the basics
  • An expensive calligraphy course
Then I'm afraid that you are at the wrong place, because the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ can't give you what you are looking for.

But, if you...
  • Desire creating real calligraphy pieces and writing calligraphy
  • Want a step-by-step course that will guide you through everything you need to know
  • Want a course that will literally show you how to do it, so all you have to do is follow
  • Don't want to break the bank to learn calligraphy

Then you're at the right place: the Easy Calligraphy
e-Learning System™
is just for you!

Let’s take a look at what Your Calligraphy Tutor’s Step-By-Step Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System can give you, and what you can expect out of it:


Lesson #1: Getting Started

By the end of this module you will know:
  • Why you can definitely master calligraphy even if you think you can't
  • And 3 things you need to do to write calligraphy
  • What are the tools you need to write calligraphy (You don't even have to spend 20!)
  • Where you can get these tools

Lesson #2: Wielding Your Pen

By the end of this module you will know:
  • Parts of a calligraphy pen and how to use it
  • 4 ways you're gripping your pen wrongly
  • How to combat inkflow problems
  • How to prepare practice guides that will help you write beautiful, consistent calligraphy
  • And more...
Lesson 2
lesson 3

Lesson #3: Letterforms 101

In Lesson 3, you will start writing real calligraphy!

You will discover:
  • Discover a simple concept that will revolutionize the way you write calligraphy!
  • Perfect the single most important skill needed to write calligraphy - getting your pen angle right!
  • Be able to write lowercase and uppercase alphabets in beautiful calligraphy letters
  • And more...

Lesson #4: Putting It Together

Lesson 4 will take what you've learnt in Lesson 3 another step further.. It's now time for words and sentences!

By the end of this lesson, you will:
  • Be writing beautiful words and sentences in calligraphy
  • Know how to use a simple magic formula to instantly correct any errors in your calligraphy
  • Learn how to use spacing to instantly improve your calligraphy!
  • And more...
Lesson 4
Lesson 5

Lesson #5: Become Your Own Coach

In this final lesson, you will learn what it takes to become a completely independent calligrapher.

By the end of this lesson, you will:
  • Be able to identify 14 common errors and how to instantly avoid or correct them, such as:
  • Droopy "a" shapes
  • Spikey letters
  • Fat and rounded letters
  • Rounded arches
  • And many more...

"The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ is hands down the most comprehensive 100% money back course on the internet today. Period."

Why You Will Love The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System

It Is a Complete Step-by-Step Guide

The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ is a complete step-by-step calligraphy course, with a tried-and-tested methodology.

It will guide you along every step of the way, from getting your supplies to writing calligraphy.

You don't need talent or nice handwriting - by the end of this course you will be able write beautiful calligraphy.

17 Amazing Video Tutorials

Every Lesson (Module) consists of compact video tutorials packed with actionable techniques, information and steps that you can put to use instantly.

You learn best by seeing how it's done, and these videos will demonstrate step-by-step how you can learn calligraphy.

All You Have To Do Is Follow

The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ makes calligraphy easy by breaking everything down into compact video tutorials that will show you exactly what to do so that all you have to do is follow!

Now, calligraphy has never been this easy!

You Save Hard-Earned Money

The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ is a complete guide - which means it'll teach you everything you need to know to start writing calligraphy.

You won't have to open your wallet again to buy another calligraphy book or course (unless you want to take it to another level).

I'll also tell you what you need, so you won't spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary supplies. 

You Save Tons Of Precious Time

The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ will accelerate your progress at breakneck speed.

You won't have to search painstakingly for tips, techniques or what to do next. You don't have to waste time researching what the next step is or what to practice: the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ will show you everything

Imagine how much time you will save!

What You Can Expect After Completing The Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System

You'll Obtain A Valuable Personal Skill

With calligraphy, you can create stunning calligraphy pieces of your favourite inspirational quotes with a modern touch, or your favourite verse from Hamlet in a vintage classy look.

Not to mention addressing envelopes, wedding invitations, letters to friends - you can flaunt your calligraphy skills and impress almost anytime, anywhere.

Once you've mastered it, it's a skill you'll keep, for life. And the "Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System with its value-packed tutorials and step-by-step methodology, will help you master it in no time at all.

You'll Become Your Own Personal Coach

The beauty of the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ is that it is an interactive and experiential training. You learn and practice as you progress step-by-step through the tutorials.

In this method of learning calligraphy, you will develop this greater awareness, in addition to the knowledge of what to do about the things you become aware of. You will become more empowered to coach yourself by identifying your own mistakes and making them right, all by yourself.

This course is designed to turn you into an independent, skillful calligrapher!

You've Mastered Truly Enjoyable & Rewarding Hobby

Calligraphy is a deeply therapeutic and meditative activity.

That amazing feeling you get from being deep in concentration, immersed in a rhythmic dance of calligraphy strokes and creating a stunning piece of art with just pen and paper... is just breath-taking.

There's a reason why thousands of people around the world truly enjoy doing calligraphy, and you find it extremely fun and enjoyable too.
So, how much is this going to cost me?

For Less Than The Cost Of One Dinner, You Will Be Able To Create Stunning Calligraphy Masterpieces!

Now, please realize that if you were to spend all the time and excruciating effort as I have, figuring out what works through countless hours of trials and errors, laboriously pore through all the books I’ve paid for and read, watch video after video... You’d have easily invested over hundreds in just costs alone, not to mention the colossal amount of time and energy you could have easily saved by just purchasing this course.

That is why this powerful system, which I’ve meticulously laid out in my proven, step-by-step Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ would be a huge bargain at a price of $97.. or even $197 – just a fraction of the costs you would’ve incurred, including all the precious time that you've wasted and can never recover.

Usually, this course goes at a price of $47, which is already a great bargain. But you're in for a lucky treat today: I’m now offering you a concrete foundation for your fast track to writing beautiful calligraphy - at an unbelievable, small one-time fee:

Regular Price: $47
Today Only: $19.95
For the full course that you get above, this is an absolute bargain! It's not $97, heck, it's not even $47! For a complete, proven step-by-step calligraphy guide, you're paying only a small fee of $19.95! That's it! It's a tenth of the price of a 2-day workshop and less than a quarter of the price of other programs... and your small investment in yourself today spread out over a 30-day period is only $0.66 per day! That's a HUGE BARGAIN!

Right Now, You’re Probably Just Wondering.. Why Is It At Such A Low Price of $19.95?

Just in case you’re thinking that this steeply discounted price is probably too good to be true, let me explain myself.
  • My ultimate aim is to help beginners who were just like me, who just want to learn how to write calligraphy in a quick and easy way. With hours of jam-packed tutorials in the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™, I could easily price this course at $47, or even $97 (an hour of a calligrapher's time costs at least $70 - you do the math!), but a small fee of $19.95 puts this valuable information within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginner who wants to develop extreme confidence and freedom in doing calligraphy.
  • Anyone who’s not serious enough about writing calligraphy in 2015 to invest just $19.95 into this course isn’t going to take the time to use the methods laid out in the guide anyway.
  • Anyone who is serious enough to put down the price of a fast food dinner and invest in this system has the opportunity to master calligraphy in just 30 days.
  • So if you’re serious about writing calligraphy and expressing yourself with complete confidence and freedom in 2015, then click the “Add to Cart” button above. If you need to justify the expense, just skip going out for dinner once this week and it’s paid for.

You Literally Have NOTHING To Lose When You Try Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™, Its Tips And Techniques!

If you are still not 100% sure that the powerful tips and strategies in this step-by-step calligraphy course is exactly what you need to be able to do beautiful calligraphy in no time at all, let me put you completely at ease with my:

1-Year, Risk-free
100% Money Back


If you take this first step and claim your copy of the Step-by-Step Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ but still can't write beautiful calligraphy after watching the video tutorials and completing the practice exercises, just let me know within the next 365 days.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate, no questions-asked refund, even if it's a year from today.

If It won't help you as I've promised, I won't take your money. You are fully protected by our 100% Risk-free Guarantee and it is a guaranteed gain for you no matter what you decide.

The fact that I'm giving you this 1-Year guarantee shows how confident I am that you will benefit fully from this system - I am 100% sure that you will be able to write beautiful calligraphy once you have successfully completed this course.

Act Today Before It's Too Late! Here's Why...

I have been told by many how cheap the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™is, considering the results it delivers and the value it brings to the table. Therefore, I am considering reducing the discount or removing it altogether soon. This steep discount might be gone tomorrow and you will have to pay 400% of the price I'm offering it to you now... For the exact same thing! Now that's totally unnecessary isn't it?

If you act today, you will still be able to take advantage of this exclusive discount and pay only a small fee of $19.95. Take advantage of this limited time discounted offer and get started on learning calligraphy in the next 5 minutes!
Regular Price: $47
Today Only: $19.95

These Are Some Frequent Questions That I Always Get

#1: How Is This Different From All The Other Courses and Books Out There?

The difference is:

Everything I give you here is compact.

There will be no exercises that won’t benefit you, no information that you won’t need. Only actionable calligraphy tips, techniques, and steps that you need to take, to instantly maximize your results in the shortest time possible.

There will also be no technical jargon.

You might see the words “majuscules” and “minuscules” (which pretty much just mean “Capitals” and “Lower case”) in other courses but there will be none of it here. Imagine how agonizing it will be flipping a dictionary open every 5 seconds!

So don't worry, everything here is distilled into an easy-to-understand manner for you.

Now, there are definitely great calligraphy books out that will teach you how to do calligraphy in a step-by-step manner too, particularly those from great calligraphy masters like Lloyd Reynolds, or Elanor Winters. If they work for you, great!

But for most, nothing beats learning through videos, especially for something as visual as calligraphy. Nothing beats ‘live’ explanation and demonstration – you will develop a deeper, longer-lasting understanding for how calligraphy should be done, and a sharper sense for the natural rhythm of calligraphy.

#2: Do I Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Write Calligraphy?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any fancy equipment to learn calligraphy at all.

You don’t need the exquisite pen holders made of teak, nor the expensive nibs, gouache, palettes and fancy paper. All you need is a basic broad-nib pen, a ruler, a pencil, and some printing quality A4 paper. That’s all you need, nothing more. If you do have a fancy pen that you really want to use, feel free to do so! But if you don’t, there is no need to burn a hole in your pocket to get one.

All the supplies that you need for this course won’t even exceed $20. In Lesson #1, I will bring you through the short list of supplies that you need.

This is a no-frills, no nonsense programme that only has one aim – to guide you step-by-step towards discovering the amazing feeling of doing calligraphy for yourself.

And along the way, it will save you tons of time, effort and money.

#3: Will I Have To Spend Lots Of Time On This?"

15 minutes (or a little more) of practice each day is all you need.

The exercises given here are simple and easy to do - and effective as well. You might find some parts of the course relatively more challenging than the others and might have to spend a little more time on them, but you definitely won't have to quit your job / neglect other areas of your life in order to learn calligraphy.

However, that being said, the amount of effort you put into practising your calligraphy determines how fast you'll take to create your own calligraphy pieces. But generally, 15-30 minutes each day would be sufficient for most.

#4: How Will The Course Be Delivered?

Every week, the video tutorials for the next lesson will be delivered directly into your inbox.

If You Want To Discover How To Write Calligraphy In A Quick And Easy Way - Then Look No Further! The Simple And Effective Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ Is Truly The Solution You've Been Looking For!

Imagine yourself a few weeks, a few months from now... Will you be still stuck looking at beautiful calligraphy pieces written by others, and still struggling to figure out how to even form the calligraphy alphabets by yourself..


Will you be writing calligraphy with confidence and unrestrained freedom? Will you be effortlessly creating your own calligraphy masterpieces and giving them as gifts to impressed friends and family? The choice is yours to make, and it will make all the difference in the next 30 days...

If you are truly interested in developing a deeply satisfying and impressive personal skill that you will find incredibly handy in life, then you owe it to yourself to try the Easy Calligraphy e-Learning System™ today. The majority of the people in the world today just want a 'miracle quick fix' that requires little to no effort on their part..

But if YOU are one of the special few who are truly motivated to try a proven, simple and effective step-by-step calligraphy learning system, then join us and order today, because "just thinking about it" isn't going to help you write calligraphy.



P.S. Look, you don’t have to buy this system, but you will most likely never be able to create stunning calligraphy masterpieces or learn a personal skill as satisfying as calligraphy, if you do not take action NOW. This simple and proven step-by-step system has easily put your dream within an arm’s reach. If not now, when?

P.P.S. And remember: your decision is 100% Risk-free. You are 100% protected by our 1-year guarantee. If you've watched our videos, given it a go but still can't write calligraphy within one year, let me know and I'll give you a full refund. That's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.